You can win a free copy of the new movie movie from Ray Comfort and Living Waters Just by listening to the following programs and times on Missions Radio

  • Friday 8/21 @ 7 am cst "The Friday Edition of the Morning Show" and listen for the word "Audacity" and be the first caller into the studio line.


  • Monday 8/24--: by going to the Morning Show FB page (missionsmorningshow) and " Like" the page and then type into the status bar.."Audacity" and winner will be announced on Tuesday during the Morning Show at 7 am cst.


  • Tuesday 8/25 - Listen to "The Field Report" with our special guest from Iran Alive--Hormoz Shariat" and listen for the word "Audacity" and call the studio line.


  • Wednesday 8/26- Listen to "Prayer Works" with Terry Kinard at 1:pm cst and listen for the Word "Audacity" and be the first to call into the studio.


  • Thursday 8/27- Listen to "Time For A Word" with Matthew Long and be the first caller when you hear the word "Audacity" into the studio..


The studio line for Missions Radio is (903) 292-0530..


We look forward to giving you these free DVD's (this is a $20.00 value) Free just for listening.


Visit the website at to learn more about the movie

Also visit and register for the newsletter and we will send as many other free DVD's, that are left.


Come on, lets have some fun and share this post with as many as you can.
Thank You and may God Bless You.