Walking in Favor with God !

April 22, 2015

Walking in the Favor of God!

Wow, what better manner is there than to walk with God, placing favor before you, wherever you go, whoever you meet and whatever you do? That’s powerful, think about that for a few minutes, just meditate on it and then begin to desire it and ask God, “God, How can I walk in your favor”

If my son or daughter was applying for a job and I knew the person to whom they were applying to and I could make a phone call, in advance, and give my word of endorsement for them, that would garner them some favor with the interview process, don’t you think I am going to do that for them? Well, it is kind of like that with God and the Word of God shows us that in many ways and that is what we want to look at. Let’s make a few things clear though before we begin this dive into those waters.


First, Walking in favor with God does not mean that everything I want, I get. Everything I desire, He will provide. Favor is approval, support or preference of one over another. I remember growing up in school and we have all been there, out on the playground and the selection for kickball or some other game, that was about to take place. Not to boast in any manner but there was usually a beginning choice between me and girl, that could truly kick the ball out of the park and could throw out most runners to any base. So, some times they would choose her or some times they would choose me. Either way it was that we were favored over the other, based on who the captains were for that day or how they felt and other variables of the selection process.


Not so with God though. God doesn’t line up the assignments and direction of the day and based on favoritism, chooses one of His children over the other, because this one may sing a little better than this one, or this one is more talented (per say) than this one. No, walking in favor with God is based on the model that He has purposed for yours and my life, the plans that He has for us, the exacts of His plan, to further the Kingdom of God and in all of those plans, He goes before us and straightens out the paths, puts up the road signs, makes sure He gives us the map (His Holy Word, The Bible) and then as we begin to read that road map and we begin our day in prayer and we submit our ways and thoughts totally to Him, there is favor. The favor He places in the hearts of men and women we will meet through out the day, those things that we put our hands and thoughts to (Ps Ch. 1 v. 3) We just have to be obedient to the map and the direction.


You say, “I have done all that and I didn’t see or experience any favor, what’s up with that?” Let me explain. Do you think Joseph, when he was thrown down into that pit by his brothers, was in his mind experiencing  favor and direction? No, absolutely not..But you see Joseph couldn’t see the favor being established, the cornerstones being laid, the opportunities he would be afforded down the road of his journey in this life. Yet, they were being established, seeds were being sown and God was giving the increase to them, on behalf of Joseph. Favor may not be present in our experiences today, but if we remain faithful and learn obedience, through the things we go through and even suffer in (Hebrews 5:8) The favor of God will be established in our lives, for His glory and His honor. Do you believe that you can be favored to suffer for Christ sake? Can you truly trust that when you submit your ways to God the first thing everyday, that no matter what comes, it is His favor in your life? You must, if you believe Him and trust him with your salvation each and everyday, then you must trust him for HIS direction, not yours, is being established, in your life..When you truly trust these things, favor will be established in your life, even though you may not feel or see it today. We know that the just shall live by faith, walk by faith, this is what establishes favor in our lives.  Blessings.

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