Thousands Take Steps to Protect Marriage


In what has been the largest March for Marriage to date, thousands of Americans flooded Washington, D.C. to send a clear message to the Supreme Court justices: support for protecting natural marriage is alive and well! People from many nationalities and all walks of life were addressed by a robust lineup of pro-family leaders that included pastors, bishops, attorneys and policy leaders -- FRC Action's Executive Director Josh Duggar and FRC's Cathy Ruse among them.

Some travelled literally thousands of miles to participate and make sure their voices were heard. With the High Court's hearing on marriage just days away, the speakers reminded the nation of the many significant aspects of marriage -- including its far-reaching impact on society, the long-lasting benefits to children, and the severe fines and penalties many family business owners have faced when government officials have sought to force acceptance of a marriage redefinition.

One attendee shared that before coming to the March, the liberal media's narrative on this issue made her feel as if she was all alone in her support for natural marriage. She left with resounding reassurance that there are many others who share this view! The more the nation hears about this issue, the more it realizes that marriage is too important of an institution to experiment with and that the American people should not have a redefinition of marriage judicially forced on us.


** One former First Lady is urging Americans to ditch their faith and embrace abortion and homosexuality. FRC's Rob Schwarzwalder responds in his Christian Post piece, "Memo to Hillary Clinton on Marriage: Here Christians Stand, and We're Not Moving."

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