February 15, 2017

Have you ever watched kids look at themselves in the mirror and wonder what's going through their heads?

Our sense of identity is so important, especially during childhood. What are we? Who are we?

  1. This world tells our kids that they are what they wear, what they listen to, who they hang out with, or whatever their heart tells them to be.

  2. But the Bible says that our identity is found in our relationship with God. We are sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, and we are loved by Him. It's a simple and beautiful truth.

Some of us have had abusive fathers. Harsh fathers. Disconnected fathers. If you're like me, you had no father at all. But regardless of if you had a good dad, or an okay dad, or even a terrible dad, it's important to know that your heavenly Father stands apart from all others. He is the ultimate Father—who provides, protects, teaches, and brings healing, laughter, and joy.

Our God is a good Father!

Let's make sure this truth is planted in our children from the earliest age. I have a book that will help you reach the children in your life and let them know just how valued they are by their Father in heaven. It's called Good Good Father, by my friend Chris Tomlin.

This is a wonderful book that you can give as a gift or sit down and read with a special child that you know. The truth that you impart to them from this book may be a seed that bears fruit right away, or many years from now when they are struggling to know who they really are.

You can get a copy by giving a gift of any amount to Harvest Ministries today. Below is the link to get it:

God bless you, and thanks for supporting the proclamation of God's Word through Harvest!


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