In Remembrance

October 3, 2018


The human mind is a wonderful thing. No one fully understands it. It is remarkable how memories are retained there. The remembrance of some things remains for years, while others are quickly forgotten. It is usually things which have been forcibly brought to the attention that stay in the mind. Other things would be soon forgotten if not constantly brought to remembrance. Peter desires to always remind them of the important things of Christianity lest they forget.

If we preach all the counsel of God, the Lord's people will be constantly reminded of all things necessary. It is a fine practice to go straight through the Scriptures, teaching things as they are brought before us and by so doing nothing will be neglected. As we go through the New Testament, every important truth is stressed in its right proportion. In the Gospels we have the life of Christ, His death and resurrection. In the Acts and the epistles we have the purpose and importance of these events stressed. In some places one would hear very little of the coming again of the Lord Jesus; yet the New Testament refers to it hundreds of times. Other important truths are stressed over and over in order that we may not forget them.

Within these same books of the bible, it is always stated "Let me place you into remembrance" Or in other words "let me remind you so you don't forget"

All of us forget so many things along our life journey. 

I have an especially hard time remember birthdays of my children and loved ones. I am that guy that gets real close to a birth date and then, usually my wife will remind me of the date and then a few weeks, if not days later, I forget again.

I fear this happens and yet know that it does in terms of our salvation and redemption, in Christ.

To some how forget that glorious day of when I knew I had accepted him as my Lord and Savior. When I felt that peace and love of being born again and connected with my creator..NO, I want to remember this everyday, as much as possible. When the winds are blowing, when the trials come. I want to remember this and know that God is still in control and I want to relive that powerful experience of all things becoming new and fresh.

So, What I am suggesting is that we remember what he has done for us, through the cross, through the resurrection and filling us with His Holy Spirit, who is leading and guiding us into all truth and wisdom.

I could go on and on. We must remember that day, that week and as much as possible, relive it, walk in it and let it remind us of His faithfulness, goodness and love. 

This is how we become an over comer and continually experience God.

I am just saying, it woks for me and I know it will for you. Celebrate this day every year. Bake yourself a cake, buy yourself a gift and then give it away. It is the most wonderful experience to relive that glorious day of being born again.


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