November 11, 2017




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“What you do with and for your family echoes into future generations.” Guy Hatcher-The Legacy Guy

Leaving a Godly legacy, we believe, is important to every father in the raising of their sons. To see them grow and be all that God has intended for their lives.

Fathers and Sons are invited to spend this day reflecting on what it means to be a man with Christian values, the move into manhood, and on God’s plan for the role of men in today’s world.

The Sons of Valor Speakers, will be sharing about the importance of "fatherhood" and what this looks like from a biblical worldview and how our young men of today can walk in and demonstrate the core values and morals infused in all of us by our Creator.

Our speakers wil be covering:

Walking intentionally with your sons on this journey called Manhood. Taking the time to share and listen.

Living with Integrity, at all junctions of our lives, wherever we may find ourselves.

Being the example to your family and community of a man who knows what Honor means and your dedication to it.

Knowing who you are, in Christ. Establishing your identity in Him alone.

To see our sons grow into strong leaders, to be salt and light in this ever changing world and it's cultural challenges. To stand strong when challenged or criticized and to speak out for the defenseless.


How and why, as a man, to reject the lies of pornography and to walk in purity in the sight of God and man.


Defining and walking in these values and so much more, is what you will experience on this day and are what we believe each man desires to be and demonstrate in their lives, no matter the cost. This is what we pray that we can help ignite and to be intentional about as we prepare for the battles of today and the future.

This will be a powerful day of commitments and recommitting as we attend to our destinies as Godly fathers and sons. As both father and son join together in praise and worship, throughout the day, as we draw even closer to our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

We hope that you will encourage those you know who have not made this commitment to follow Christ, so that they will see and hear the truth about manhood, as we stand with courage against any foe that would try and bring harm to our lives, family or communities

In His Service,

The Sons of Valor Team

speakers are currently being updated



To equip this and our next generation of men to stand with Love and with Valor, against all things contrary to The Word of God.


Scripture Reference: Matthew 24:35

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THE             VISION

To see, equip and persevere, to such ends, that all men, young and old, can know how and

commit to stand against the dangers of sin and place character before riches, to speak the truth at

all times and with great courage and conviction to proclaims God’s word above their own and others, no matter the cost.

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