The sacrifice made by our servicemen and women runs very deep. They have taken an oath to defend our freedom, even if it costs them their lives.


That kind of commitment must not go unrecognized. We're offering you a chance to say thank you to those who serve and to bless them in a very special way.


When-The date for the Ft. Hood Operation is set for July 4, 2015 


What- On this day from 8 am cst to 5 pm, we will be providing $20.00 of free gas to all the service members of Ft. Hood.  When they present their ID tags, we will direct them to a pump that has been provided by the partnering gas station, only a couple miles away from the entrance of the fort. We will be giving gift baskets with various treats and gift cards from local area retailers. Shaking hands and hugging necks, showing our appreciation and most of all sharing the love of God to all and helping to minister to their hurt and needs.


Who- Everyone can help in this effort to show their appreciation for our troops and what they do each and every day to help keep us safe. We will volunteers for pumping gas, shaking hands and giving of gift bags. We need people who will donate to be able to purchase the fuel for their vehicles. We need churches who are signed on and we can share that "This amount of churches here and through out America, appreciate your service"   We need everyone for this one.


We need:  DONORS




We need:  SPONSORS please contact Ken Mitchell @ info@missionsradio.org for more information


How- If you live anywhere near by Ft. Hood, Texas or even if you don't, you can attend that day and help greet the service people and their families, help pump gas, give a hand shake, a hug of the neck and help pass out flyers of encouragement. There will be plenty for everyone to do on that day, believe me.


Where- 4701 Clear Creek Rd, Killeen, TX 76549












Then, if you can't attend, we need many to give toward the cause..So, we can provide fuel, gift baskets and the cost for the operation, for all of those service people who will come out on that day...


It is really simple, the task at hand is show appreciation and share the love of God..Not complicated at all.



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